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2019-03 Public Utility Bylaw

2004-03 Establish CAO Position

Passed First Reading

Animal Control Bylaw 4-2016

Responsibility of animal owners, please ensure that:

  • the animal is not running at large.  Secure the animal, so it is is not able to leave the premises.

  • the animal does not bite, bark, chase, upset garbage, or defecate on property other than its own.

  • ensure that the animal is under constant control of a competent person at all times when off the owner's property.

  • the annual license for the dog is purchased from the Village office after January 1st yearly.

  • Only two dogs allowed/household.

Unsightly Properties Bylaw 3-2011

The Village may request your property be cleaned up if it has:

  • storage or accumulation of garbage, equipment, dilapidated furniture, appliances or similar materials or items.

  • trees, shrubs, or other vegetation that obstruct the visibility of street signage, sidewalks or roadway clearance.

  • the presence of more than 2 unregistered vehicles per property, regardless if operational or not.

Fire Bylaw 7-2002

Only recreational fires are permitted within the Village limits. From time to time, as conditions dictate, the Village may impose a full or restricted ban upon recreational fires within the Village, which may or may not follow Wheatland County Fire Ban recommendations.

Recreational Fire Parameters:

  • A minimum of 4 meters clearance is maintained from buildings, property lines, and combustible materials.

  • It is constructed of bricks or concrete blocks or heavy gauge metal or other suitable non-combustible materials.

  • It has a spark arrestor mesh screen of 0.7 cm (.25") expanded metal (or equivalent) to contain sparks over the fire at all times

  • The fire must be supervised at all times by a responsible adult until such time as the fire has been extinguished.

  • A fire shall be deemed to include hot ashes and smoldering embers from the fire.

  • Only untreated wood, charcoal briquettes, propane or natural or natural gas fuels are used.

  • Flame height does not exceed 90cm (3.28 feet) above the fire pit.

Residences that do not comply with Fire Bans within the Village will be subject to pay any costs incurred by the Volunteer Fire Department for the purpose of preserving life or property from injury or destruction by fire.

Traffic Control Bylaw 3-2007

  • Max speed limit with all playground zones & alleys is 30 km/hr. & 40 km/hr. in all other areas within the Village.

  • No person shall operate any recreational off road equipment within Village limits.

  • No person shall park any vehicle, in any alley, within the Village in such a manner as to obstruct passage.

  • No parking vehicles with a design capacity of more than 1 tonne or more than six meters in length within Village limits except for the purpose of loading or unloading such vehicle.

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