The Village of Standard is partnering with Connect Mobility to provide Residents and Businesses within the Village with

High Speed Internet and Unlimited Data

UPDATE!   Residential and Business installations are underway! 

The Village of Standard is partnering with Connect Mobility so that the internet service speed remains stable and reliable for residents, speeds will not be diminished by new users joining the service! 

The service will be mostly limited to Village Residents; some Rural Clients within line-of-site of the towers in the village may also be eligible to connect to the service. 

Fun fact:  Campers will be able to pay on line for day usage!

Connect Mobility will monitor the network 24/7 and provide software upgrades as needed.

Local Maintenance Technicians will be available to install and troubleshoot equipment issues.

All clients that sign up with a two year contract receive

free installation and

free use of antenna (no monthly equipment charges)!

To sign up go to:

Note:  after installation do not run your old service and new service at the same time

as they interfere with each other!