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For water or sewer emergencies call the 24hr line 403-554-0132.

For all other inquiries:  403-325-9972

Water Billing Information :  website


The homeowner is responsible to clear snow from the sidewalks in front of their homes within 24 hrs. of a snow fall.  If time permits Public Works may use the snow sweeper to clear the sidewalks; as such  it is the responsibility of the homeowner to keep trees and bushes trimmed back from the sidewalks and alleys to facilitate mechanical snow clearing.  Also please park back from the curb to facilitate clear passage for the sweeper.


Tax and Assessment Notices are sent out by April 30th of each year.  Taxes are due by July 31st of each year.  A 9% penalty is applied to all unpaid taxes on August 1st and again on December 31st.


Fire Chief:  Mark Dugay 403-901-5450

Deputy Fire Chief:  Malcolm McKinnon 403-901-8832

The Volunteer Fire Department and Emergency First Responders Team are always looking for new members.


Visit the Utilities Consumer Advocate website to compare electricity and gas prices in your area, view historical rates, or get help resolving utility related issues.

URL links used in the description:

Our website is an interactive resource that is helping consumers, especially vulnerable Albertans, make informed choices about their electricity and natural gas services.

The website is mobile and tablet responsive and has several innovative features, all of which are intended to provide a high-quality user/consumer experience:

  • An interactive Cost Comparison Tool to give consumers the delivered cost of energy;

  • Prominent and clear information about the services of the UCA’s Consumer Mediation Team;

  • Revamped, plain-language content that’s easy to understand and optimized for search engines; and

  • A searchable database that displays historical natural gas and electricity rates in a user-friendly format.


Our animal control officers patrol our Village regularly and pick up dogs running at large.  Impounded dogs are taken to the Calgary SPCA and fines must be paid before the dog(s) are released.  All dogs must be licensed annually.

Dog License Fees

Note:  Maximum 2 dogs per household.

Spayed or Neutered Dog   $20.00

Non-Spayed or Non-Neutered Dog   $50.00

Responsibility of Animal Owners

(a)  Shall ensure that the animal is not running at large.

(b)  Shall take all reasonable precautions:

       1.  to secure the animal so that it would not be able to leave the premises, or

       2.  to ensure that the animal was under constant supervision of a person competent to control it at all times when off the premises of the owner.

Anyone having a dog complaint should notify the village office immediately so that the situation can be rectified quickly, i.e, dog at large, constant dog barking, dog attack. 


West of Standard 2 kilometers

Link to website  Check for hours and rules


It is recommended that garbage be stored in an animal-proof container.  Residential garbage is picked up every Wednesday around 9:00AM.  When a Stat Holiday falls on a Wednesday then garbage pickup will be on Thursday.  There is a 5 bag limit per household unless arrangement has been made with the Village office prior to pickup.  All garbage must be bagged & tied and not over over 40 lbs.  Please double bag kitty litter and other messy items.  Properly contain sharp items so that they do not protrude from bag or box.  If not properly bagged Public Works will not pick up and it is then the homeowners responsibility to take that garbage to the transfer site.  The garbage truck is available for large cleanup jobs if booked in advance.

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