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The Canadian Pacific Railway opened this area to settlers

In 1909, a delegation of Danish men came from Iowa to the Chimney Hills district to consider moving to farmland on the 21,000 acres the CPR had set aside for this purpose.

In 1910 the first families moved into what was then called the "Dana" area, and the 1910 CPR map shows the village's name as "Danaview".  When CPR officials discovered they had a town bearing that name northeast of Saskatoon, they would not permit two towns with the same name on their line. A new name was chosen for the Village:  the name “Standard” from the Royal Standard of Denmark flag.

With the arrival of trains in 1911, Standard became a thriving service centre for the agricultural industry surrounding the Village.

1911 tracklaying for C.P.R. near Standar
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